Our Dermalogica Treatments


We provide a wide range of Dermalogica face and body treatments in our salon. Please contact us to book an appointment.

Dermalogica Face Mapping Free
Dermalogica Express Facial (30 mins) £32.50
Dermalogica Tailor Made Deluxe Facial (1h 15 mins) £50.00
Dermalogica AGE Smart Anti – Aging Facial (1h) £47.50
Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Facial for Breakouts and Acne (1h) £47.50
Demagogical Deep Cleansing Facial (1h) £47.50
Dermalogica ChromaWhite Brightening Facial (1h) £47.50
Dermalogica Stress Relief Body Massage (1h) £47.50